Dark Chocolate With Roasted Pistachio [Cheem 深奥 ]


Cheem 深奥 

Are you a cheem person? Fulfill your cheem curiosity with the deep flavours of dark chocolate with roasted pistachio.

These 2 flavours dark chocolate and pistachio are distinct – each has their own character. When combined, it enhances their uniqueness and releases their full potential. Expect nothing short of an intense experience from this gelato right here.

Dark chocolate from Italy are added to a milk base to create a gelato that’s intensely rich yet not too sweet. Our pistachios are carefully roasted and finely grinded to create a deep fragrance of roasted pistachios in every bite. Both are combined to produce the perfect balance between bittersweetness and nutty fragrance.

Let us elevate your Cheem level with our dark chocolate with roasted pistachio!

Available in 16oz.