Double Scoops

Hi everyone! Double Scoops is starting our very own blog! To kick off with, here’s how Double Scoops ended up where we are today!

Double Scoops was founded in 2015 by Vincent & Caroline to bring fresh, healthy homemade artisan gelato to their customers. They opened a cafe at Ang Mo Kio then, occasionally providing reception services for events, bank roadshows and weddings. 

In 2020, Caroline decided to close the cafe and shift the business to a food factory and online business. Currently in 2021, Double Scoops is rebranding from “Artisan Gelato” to “Serious Gelato”, positioning themselves as fresh and high quality gelato in customers' eyes. We are very serious about gelato making and ensure only good ingredients go into the mix. All the flavours are carefully curated to bring an enticing and healthy experience for our customers. 

This year, we launched  “The Local Series” to our customers, introducing them to the “Singaporean style”. The five flavours launch complements with five singlish words:

  • Atas
  • Shiok
  • Chut Mia
  • Cheem
  • Sui

The “Atas” flavour introduces the mix of Chrysanthemum with Black Goji.

The “Shiok” flavour introduces Pandan with Gula Melaka. 

The “Chut Mia” flavour brings you the ultimate Mai Shan Wang flavour. 

The “Cheem” flavour introduces dark chocolate with roasted Pistachio.

And the “Sui” flavour blends lychee with Oolong tea.

Each flavour is carefully selected and chosen to offer the sui, atas, shiok, chut mia and cheem experience to our customers. You can just feel the Singaporean language while eating these gelato!

Recently, we are also launching 9 new flavours under our sister brand - “Elly’s Gelato”.

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That’s a wrap for today and we will see you next week!!!